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Wick Trimmer

Wick Trimmer

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Trim your wick to the correct length so that you don't waste any of your candle. Our SophistiKate Australia wick trimmer is super handy instead of using a tissue, scissors or your fingers! It can cut the perfect wick size for our large and small candles. What is unique about SophistiKate Australia's wick trimmer is that it is sharper than ordinary wicks making it easier to cut wider wicks.

Trim the wick before each light of your candle of optimum use to avoid soot forming at the rim of the candle. Simply open the wick trimmed place the wick between both cutters and close the wick trimmer - violla optimum wick length achieved.


  • Cuts small and large candles to optimum length
  • Comes wrapped in white tissue paper with a black ribbon
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